Church Blog

Church Blog

Well, not really a blog . . . more like ‘happenings and stuff’. Here you will find several kinds of posts.  Here is the kind of information you will find here:

  1. Additional information about the Sunday Sermon (maps, photos, videos, reading suggestions etc.),
  2. News Items and Updates for our church community,
  3. Stuff to help you grow closer to God.


Why Can’t I Just Pray By Myself at Home? (3 Reasons)

“Why can’t I just pray by myself at home?“ Reason #1 – Because big corporate requests require corporate prayers. Some big issues will only be handled if there are many praying. This happened when the church met to hear the report of Peter and John after their release from…

The Idol of Pornography

LEARN MORE ABOUT PORNOGRAPHY Learn why many health professionals are saying that pornography is a public health crisis. Did you know that porn sites are visited three times more often than Google, Yahoo!, and MSN Search combined? Educate yourself about this awful addiction. Get the facts here: Find…
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