Church Blog (Page 3)

Church Blog (Page 3)

Well, not really a blog . . . more like ‘happenings and stuff’. Here you will find several kinds of posts. ¬†Here is the kind of information you will find here:

  1. Additional information about the Sunday Sermon (maps, photos, videos, reading suggestions etc.),
  2. News Items and Updates for our church community,
  3. Stuff to help you grow closer to God.


The LEGO Easter Story

As we head into the Good Friday and Easter weekend, here is a creative adaption of the Easter Story. ūüôā

Penal Substitutionary Atonement – Infographic

Following up on Sunday’s sermon, here is an infographic explaining Penal Substitutionary theory of atonement. Remember the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is not the atonement – it is how the atonement happens. Here is one way to understand how the atonement works.¬†(Click on the image for the full size.)  

Paradise – It Won’t Disappoint You

Studying God’s Word: A Blessing¬† What a blessing it was this week to study the book of Hebrews in preparation for the sermon that I shared with you this past Sunday (March 15th). Over and over again my heart, soul and mind were nourished by God’s Word and the lectures and commentaries I studied to prepare this message. It was my intention to transfer some of this blessing over to you. However… I have a confession to make. The most…

Wycliffe’s Verse Scramble

We are entering the second week of our Community Bible Experience. Since we are focusing on reading God’s Word together, I thought you might find this interesting. You can play a fun game online and when you complete the game, $1 dollar will be donated to Wycliffe to help them translate the Bible into languages that still do not have the Bible in their mother tongue.¬†The fastest player completed the game in 22 seconds. So far, $2,865 has been raisesd…

Can We Still Believe the Bible?

We are reading the Bible together in community for the next 8 weeks. But maybe you have questions about the Bible. How do we know the Bible really is the word of God? ¬†If we believe the Bible is the word of God because the Bible says so, isn’t that circular reasoning? Didn’t the scribes who copied the Bible by hand make any mistakes? After, we’re all human and we do make mistakes. Where did the Bible come from and…

Are Canadians Done With the Bible?

Tomorrow we begin our audacious challenge to read the entire New Testament in 8 weeks as a community. Over 70 people have signed up. This is so exciting. In this video, there are some recent statistics on the state of Bible engagement in Canada today. More information including resources and the complete survey can be found here:

Even Better and Amazing Sermon Series

Someone takes something you wrote in an email or said in conversation totally out of context and makes it mean something totally different than what you meant. They take a couple sentences out of context and they will hear it any way they want to hear it. Frustrating, right? I think God feels that way about us sometimes. We take a couple verses from here and there and apply it to our lives in a way that God was never…

God Speaks Through . . . a Muslim?

Today, in Matthew 2, we saw how God spoke to the Magi through a star and a dream – unusual means of communication for many of us. Yet it is an indication of God’s desire and care to meet individuals where they are. We also saw in this story that the star was a good starting point and brought them close to Bethlehem (about 20km away), but it was Scripture (Micah 2) that told them exactly where Jesus was born.…