The Hope of the World

Several people commented on the video we showed last Sunday. For those who missed it, and for those who want to watch it again here it is. Jesus is the hope of the world!

Bethlehem – The Video

Today we watched this video at church. Several commented on it afterward and wanted to know where to watch it again. Some of you were moved or reminded again of what it might have meant for Mary to be pregnant in those days – “she would be killed.” ¬†Other mentioned how it was good to see that Bethlehem is a real place – of course, we all know it’s a real place but it’s different when you see it first…

O Holy Night – The Story Behind the Song

On Christmas Eve, I shared the story of the song “O Holy Night.” I had several comments and request for this story so I will post it here with links to other sources. O Holy Night O Holy Night. This is the song I Google the most at this time of year. I love listening different artists singing the song. The Canadian Tenors. Susan Boyle. Il Divo. Celine Dion. I even like the version sung on the TV show GLEE.…