Sermon Archive

Sermon Archive

Currently we are uploading audio recordings of the sermons.

Most of our sermons are recorded and uploaded to this website. The sermons are presented with a specific audience in mind…the Cornerstone community. They are delivered with the preacher’s knowledge and affection for this community. As such, the messages assume personal proximity and a pastoral relationship between the preacher and the hearer.

We believe that sermons are not meant to simply dump data or information into your brains. These messages are contextualized for Cornerstone to help us mature and grow spiritually. For this reason, most of the sermons you find here require a password to listen to recordings.

This resource is intended for our Cornerstone community. If we miss a Sunday, or if we were teaching Sunday School on a specific day, we can take advantage of this resource and listen to these sermons. If you are visiting this webpage or just wanting to see who we are, you will notice that we leave some of our sermons open (not password-protected) for you to listen to.  Also, please check out our Pastor’s Welcome here.

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